About Utah Assistive Technology Program's financing options

UATP offers financing services to help people with disabilities obtain the technology they need to become more independent at home, school or work. Since 1991, hundreds of Utahns with disabilities of all ages have obtained loans and grants to purchase AT. 

The Executive Director of UATP's financing services is Sachin Pavithran.

Assistive Technology Loans

UATF works with Zions Bank to provide low-interest loans from $500 up to $50,000 to purchase assistive technology or home modifications such as, but not limited to:

  • Adapted vans
  • Wheelchairs or scooters
  • Hearing aids
  • Braille equipment
  • Lifts or elevators
  • Adapted computer accessories and software
  • Augmentative communication device, including iPads
Loan requirements include an application, information on the assistive technology device, and is based on your credit score, debts and income. If you're currently filing for bankruptcy, you are not eligible for a loan. Proof of disability is not required.

Loan specifics:

  • The interest rate is 50% less than prime.
  • There is no application fee.
  • Processing time ranges from one to two weeks.
  • Loan terms are set by Zions Bank, but typically must be paid off in 60 months or 5 years for vehicles, and up to 24 to 36 months for other devices, depending on the loan amount.
  • In order for Zions Bank to make final approval for your loan, they will review your credit history. If you apply for a loan, the bank will obtain your credit report.
  • If you're approved, the bank will contact you to set up an appointment to sign the loan paper work. 
  • You may possibly be eligible if you've ever filed bankruptcy. Complete a loan application to see if you are currently eligible for a loan through this program - each loan is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Final loan approval is made by Zions Bank. Loans made through this program are through Zions Bank. UATF does not make the loans.
Read the loan instructions first, and then download and print the loan application.

Small Grants

The UATF also offers small grants for Utahns with disabilities to purchase assistive technology. Grants are $400 or less through non-federal funding including donations from the Eccles Foundation, the Tanner Trust, the Utah Families Foundation and many individuals. 

Grants are for families or individuals who are low-income (at or below 150% of poverty level), and have no other funding source. Below are the 2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines by family size and annual income. 

Household Size




















Each application will be considered on an individual basis by the UATF board officers. Decisions will be based on family income, disability, cost of the requested device, and urgency. 

To apply for a small grant, please fill out the small grant application and mail or fax it using the address or phone number listed below. Information about the assistive technology device needs to be included.    

Small Business Loans

Small business loans can be used by Utahns with disabilities to start or expand a small business. UATF partners with the Utah MicroEnterprise Loan Fund to provide reduced-interest loans. Amounts vary, depending on individual qualifications. If the loan is approved, UATF will cover the origination and documentation fees.

Loan terms:

Clients pay prime plus two percent interest, at a fixed rate for the life of the loan (up to 5 years).

 Processing time ranges from three to six weeks. Loans are available for communication equipment, home or office modifications, vehicles or farm equipment, computer or office equipment, and tools of the trade specific to the business. Our goal is to increase employment opportunities and outcomes for Utahans with disabilities.

Applicant requirements:

UATF Success Story

Don and Penny McMahon adopted Isaac 20 years ago. While making Isaac part of the family was easy, transportation was another story. 

Isaac's lack of mobility due to some disabilities made it difficult for the family to take Isaac to appointments and outings. 

Don said, "In my own life as a caregiver for a wheelchair bound 19-year old young man, Penny and I were becoming trapped in our home along with Isaac because of lack of transportation that was suited to him."

The McMahons decided to apply for a low-interest loan from UATF to purchase an adapted van. Now Penny can wheel Isaac into the adapted Now Penny can wheel Isaac into the adapted van rather than lift him into a seat.

"Life is so much better because if we need to go somewhere either one of us can just wheel Isaac into the van and take off," Don said. 

Gifts and Donations

Gifts and donations of all sizes are very much appreciated. Every gift goes toward helping a child or adult with disabilities obtain the technology that will make a tremendous difference in their life. Assistive technology helps people with disabilities hear, speak, talk, read, write and move from place to place.  All donations are tax deductible.

All gifts to the 501(c) 3 Utah Assistive Technology Foundation are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by Utah law. Find out how to donate hereThank you in advance for your support.

Contact UATF


Fax: 1-435-797-2355

Phone: 1-800-524-5152

6835 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322-6835

Objectives of UATF

  • Provide information to consumers, family members and providers regarding assistive technology needs and resources.
  • Develop and implement resource distribution criteria (loan requirements).
  • Secure public and private donations to help individuals obtain assistive technology devices and services.
  • Ensure that assistive technology devices and services are affordable and obtainable for children and adults with disabilities.

All materials are available in alternative formats upon request. Adobe Reader is needed to view the documents listed about. Download it free here

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